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Legacy Partners A Project of Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society

Help JEMS maintain a legacy of faith

  • Did you come to know Christ or perhaps re-dedicate yourself to Him or receive a calling into ministry at Mount Hermon? Maybe you met your spouse there.
  • Did you enjoy being in a campus fellowship while learning evangelism, leadership and mentoring skills through Asian American Christian Fellowship?
  • Did you have a life changing JEMS' short-term mission trip to Japan or South America ?
  • Have you enjoyed one of JEMS' other ministries like Sports, or Music, Senior Ministries or Nichigo (Japanese Language) events?
  • Perhaps you have a deep passion to see the Gospel shared in Japan.

If any of the above describes you, please consider becoming a Legacy Partner! A Legacy Partner is anyone willing to give an annual gift of $100 or more to our General Fund in order to maintain but also expand the ministry of JEMS.

JEMS relies primarily on individual donors for funding. Which is why each person who gives is a vital part of our ministry. We are praying for 500-700 individuals or families that have been impacted by any of the JEMS ministries to become a Legacy Partner. Our General Fund is key because it provides the necessary infrastructure for our missionaries and campus ministers to carry out their ministries. The General Fund is essentially the heart of the organization. If the "heart" remains healthy, we can fully function to fulfill God's call for us as a ministry. Please become a Legacy Partner so you can have a direct impact at the core of who we are.

By becoming a Legacy Partner, you directly impact the heart of the organization.

As a Legacy Partner,

1) You commit to a recurring gift of any amount, at or above $100 per year. You may consider:

  • $260 per year (equivalent of $5 per week - or the cost of one trip to Starbucks per week)
  • $365 per year (equivalent of $7 a week)
  • $500 or more per year to join the "Legacy 500 Circle" (this could be a single annual donation or a monthly pledge of $42.00 per month)
  • $1200 or more per year to receive the " Legacy of Grace" designation - please see II Corinthians 8:1-8 (this could be a single annual donation or $100 per month).

If you are able to commit to $500 or more per year, you will become a part of a group known as the "Legacy 500 Circle". Our goal is to have 300-500 ministry partners in the Legacy 500 Circle. If you are able to commit to $1200 or more per year, you will be one of our "Legacy of Grace" givers. We are praying for 200-300 Legacy of Grace Partners. The more Legacy Partners we have, the more we will be able to expand the ministry of JEMS into 2017 and beyond.

2) You will also have the opportunity to multiply your gift by becoming a Legacy Ambassador for JEMS by starting your own "friend-raising" page! Just click on the "start your fundraiser" button (upper right hand corner) to create your own "friend-raising" page to challenge your friends to match your annual gift. Our best "fundraiser" is a "friend-raiser" like you!

As our General Fund grows, we would hire a Japan Mission Director to help take care of the many missionaries we have on the field. We have a projected number of 20 missionary families in Japan (or 40 adult missionaries) by 2020. This is why it is important to hire a Japan Mission Director.

AACF is also growing, therefore additional funds would be used to help alleviate some of the support raising duty off the AACF director so he can fully concentrate on providing leadership to the campus ministers and ministries. They currently have the "2020 campaign" of wanting to see 20 AACF chapters on the college campuses by the year 2020. Help JEMS reach the goal of 20 missionaries families and 20 campus chapters by 2020.

Currently our General Fund helps to pay for all of the administrative expenses to enhance and support the ministries of the missionaries, and campus/domestic staffers of JEMS. Expenses includes office supplies, copier usage, postage, insurance, bank charges, JEMS journal, etc. The General Fund also helps to pay for three full-time salaries and two part-time salaries. All of these elements are critical to the success and growth of JEMS.

Your gift ensures that future lives will be impacted through JEMS Mount Hermon camps, as well as our campus ministries. Your partnership helps to send more missionaries to Japan and South America. Your financial support enables us to have home front ministries to those living in the U.S. such as Sports, Music, Senior Ministries and Nichigo. Please join our ministry by becoming a Legacy Partner today!

As required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), all contributions are solicited with the understanding that JEMS has complete discretion and administration over the use of the donated funds.

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