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We're only $70,000 short of our goal to payoff our existing mortgage. Please give today.

JEMS Building Fund A Project of Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society

JEMS building is almost paid off!

JEMS had to rebuild the current building from the ground floor up after the Northridge earthquake in 1994. JEMS was able to secure a loan of $806,200 with a 4% interest per annum, due and payable in 30 years. But due to the generosity of so many JEMS supporters, we are ever so close to retiring the loan. We currently have only $70,000 left on this loan. Once the loan is paid off, this will save JEMS $3700 per month, which is our current loan payment.

Our building is the heart of the organization. All of our administrative support and Asian American Christian Fellowship are headquartered here. We use the building when we train summer mission teams to go to Japan and South America. We currently have an Asian American Church using our 2nd floor on Sunday mornings. Our JEMS office is our "home." It's a home that is built upon many memories from thousands of individuals who have gone to Mount Hermon, or to a AACF chapter or a golf tournament or grew up singing Wes Terasaki songs, etc. JEMS really is the people that have been touched by God through our ministries. Please know that our "home" is always open for "family" members like you.

In recent years, the location that JEMS is in, has been transformed into the "Arts district." This is a wonderful development because it has only helped to increase the appreciation of the JEMS building. We are now in a very popular and "expensive" area. So your donation to JEMS really will only go up in value. We look forward to having a "mortgage burning" celebration in 2017. Please join us when we reach this goal.

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    So grateful for the ministry of JEMS. I hope the building will get paid off in 2017!