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Kawano Sensei will be serving as a church consultant in Japan and South America

Rev. Dr. Ryohei Kawano, Overseas Church Consultant A Project of Nichigo Ministries

Ministering to Missionaries and Churches Overseas



2006年に引退後は、日本で「日光オリーブの里」でのチャプレンと牧会、また上野公園でホームレス伝道をしました。アメリカに帰国後は、ロサンゼルス合同教会の牧師となり、2016年に退きました。 2011年には太平洋国際神学校から神学博士号を与えられました。


I served as a pastor for 53 years. I will serve mainly as a domestic and foreign missionary consultant for people who speak Japanese in USA, Brazil and Japan with the help of God.

I decided to dedicate my life to Jesus in high school. I then studied at Japan Christian College (presently Tokyo Christian University). After graduating, I served as a pastor and as a kindergarten principal in Japan. In 1972 I came to the United States. After coming to the US I served as the pastor of Pacific Coast Japanese Conference Free Methodist Church and also worked for PCJC for 34 years.

After retiring in 2006, I went back to Japan to minister to the homeless in Ueno Park. I served as a pastor and chaplain for 'Nikko Olive no Sato'. After returning to the US, I became a pastor at Union Church of Los Angeles and retired in 2016. In 2011 I was awarded a doctorate theology from the Pacific International Theological Seminary.

For my new ministry, I would like to ask for your prayer support, as well as financial support. I sincerely pray for God's blessing to everyone.

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