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There are over 500,000 Japanese who have left Japan and live in North America. Those who have left, are described as being "diaspora" people. It is our desire to reach these Japanese with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently we have three missionaries who have dedicated themselves to share the Gospel with the Japanese living in the United States. Dennis Peters is a former missionary to Japan, living in the Sacramento area. He is also the Director of RJC (Reaching Japanese for Christ) network. Eri Kobayashi is a teacher of the children of Japanese business men's families. She is also a Converge missionary. Akiko has a heart to mentor Japanese women living in the US, as well as in Japan. She travels back and forth often to provide emotional and spiritual support for these women. For further information, please visit each of these missionaries project pages.

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    What Akiko is doing is critical the encouragement of Japanese women in ministry.